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Raytown Historical Society Museum

If you have never been to our museum, we certainly invite you to visit their website and see what you think - (And click the Amassadors link... see if there's anyone you know!)

Wednesday thru Saturday, 10 to 4pm.

9705 E. 63rd Street


• The graduation collage of every Raytown High School Class from the year 1932 until 1977. (That is when the classes became too large to photograph in this way.) They have many of the Raytown South High's collages as well.

• The Ramizzou (Yearbook) collection covers from 1909 until 2009, or 100 years.

• The Ray South Polaris (Yearbook) from 1964 until 2009.

• The new display is custom designed for the decade of the 1960's including what was happening in Raytown and the country during that time.

• The permanent displays include a replica of Ray's Blacksmith Shop, for whom the city was named, 100-year-old general store, parlor and schoolroom.

• The more contemporary history includes homes, places
of business, places of entertainment, etc. that appeal to the people who grew up in Raytown and remember those
earlier years.